Sometimes it takes the ultimate loss to really start living.

Picture this. You have a colleague that you have known for years. Periodically, you get together for coffee or breakfast to benchmark and exchange pain points and wins related to being high level executives in the work force. Over the years, and as you become more familiar with each other, your relationship as colleagues and... Continue Reading →


How can you judge me if you’ve never spoken to me?

I encourage everyone to think about the above statement made by King. In this crazy thing called life, we will encounter numerous people, both personally and professionally. Recently, we have witnessed, or maybe even personally experienced, a society filled with people who fear each other…who have passed judgement on each other without knowing each other.... Continue Reading →

Why do I have to attend this training/seminar/class/etc.? Those that say they’ve “already got this” are most likely the ones who need to attend the most.

Nervous. Happy. Vulnerable. Optimistic. Inquisitive. Comfortable. Interested. Uncomfortable. Engaged. Anxious. Open. Ready. Unsure. Excited. Curious. Resistant. These are just a few of the adjectives provided when I asked an audience how they felt after our opening exercise in the two day seminar I was facilitating. They didn't have a choice to be there. They were... Continue Reading →

Lights From Below

As far as the eye can see. Specs of illumination. Mocking the sky's gems. Still not nearing their beauty. Flickering to denounce futility. But only stars twinkle iridescent. Casting light to prove worth. Yet only the moon truly glows. -RHE

Are you over the holidays before they even begin? Let’s put the “happy” back in Happy Holidays by removing the unnecessary.

The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time. Bright, festive, happy, fun-filled, lights blinking, songs playing, smiles shining. But, let's be real. Before we have time to enjoy them, people are often frazzled and "over" it. Over eating, over buying, over committed, over tired, over decorated, overly stressed, overly irritated, over the crowds...simply over... Continue Reading →

“Open Your World” I’ll toast to that!

Diversity is so much more than race and gender. Those are two very important aspects that cannot be overlooked, but diversity also includes various other dimensions such as: thinking styles, backgrounds, marital status, education levels, socio-economic, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity...just to name a few. Diversity is simply the differences among us, whatever they may... Continue Reading →

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